Ticket Office staffing


Mayor's Question Time


Wednesday, 12 December 2007


Question 2007/2961

Main question

Geoff Pope

Your answer to Q2612/2007 states that LU is still reviewing its ticket office services. Many passengers tell me they want staff in ticket office at the entrance to stations. Are passengers being consulted in this review and will a decision be taken by April 1st?


The Mayor

London Underground is firmly committed to its policy of staffing stations and making staff available to customers in visible, customer facing roles.

The success of Oyster has shifted and will continue to shift, the way people pay for their travel. This will inevitably lead to changes in the ticketing and ticket office services provided by LU.

LU has been in discussion with the passenger watchdog (London TravelWatch), local authority transport groups, customer user groups and elected representatives, in addition to ongoing consultation with the Trade Unions about proposed changes to ticketing services next year, and this will continue.