Retention of Bus Drivers


Mayor's Question Time


Wednesday, 22 January 2003


Question 2003/0498

Main question

Roger Evans

What action are you taking to encourage more bus drivers to remain in the profession? .


The Mayor

Measures to encourage recruitment and retention have been increase since I took office. In addition to the TfL Bonus introduced in April 2001, driver wage rates have increased substantially, often associated with improved conditions. TfL has just introduced a new BTEC qualification to raise skills levels and give drivers a recognised qualification, as well as the PCV license. From now all new drivers will be obliged to gain the qualification within 12 months. Other initiatives include: provision of improved facilities at route termini; improved safety through on-board CCTV and introduction of the Transport Operational Command Unit; better communication; and publicity and awards to improve the status of bus staff. Many routes have increased resources to improve reliability making it easier for bus crews. The reduction in cash handling on the bus is also helping to make the job easier and safer.TfL has also reviewed standards of recruitment and is encouraging best practice across operators, as well as creating a climate where there are more promotional jobs, such as supervisors, controllers and managers. .