Air Quality in Buildings


Mayor's Question Time


Wednesday, 26 February 2014


Question 2014/0567

Main question

Stephen Knight

Further to MQ 2013/2969, are you now in a position to provide an update on compliance with air quality standards within GLA Group buildings?


The Mayor

GLA response

City Hall air filters are regularly replaced (by Norland Managed Services, the infrastructure contractor) in compliance with EN13779 and the building Operation and Maintenance manuals. Trafalgar Square Café and toilets air handling filters are also replaced to the same standards. Both are mechanically ventilated.

The filter replacement is routine works included within the building Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) operation.


LFB has 15 premises with mechanically ventilated air handling systems where the air filters comply with the equivalent standard to EN13779. The remainder of LFB premises (some 97) are naturally ventilated.


TfL has 26 head office buildings with mechanically ventilated air handling systems where air filters comply with EN13779. The 11 remaining head office buildings are naturally ventilated.


MPS Property Services do have a planned maintenance schedule in place.  However, the frequency of the inspection/clean and replacement is governed by their Resilience, Compliance and Operational Support standards. These standards do not drill down to the level as detailed in the EN13779 and has been developed as a single standard. However, suppliers have confirmed that as and when filters are replaced they are in compliance with EN779.