Rezoning Bermondsey and Kennington stations




Wednesday, 10 September 2014


Question 2014/2983

Main question

Caroline Pidgeon

Given you have authorised the rezoning of Stratford station to Zone 2/3, will you consider rezoning Bermondsey and Kennington to become Zone 1/2 stations?


Boris Johnson (Chair, TfL) and Sir Peter Hendy (Commissioner, TfL)

If the Northern Line Extension to Battersea goes ahead, TfL has agreed to place the new stations in Zone 1 and Kennington in Zone1/2.  This agreement has been reached as part of the commercial package to finance the extension.  

TfL recently decided to re-zone Stratford, to give a positive boost to the regeneration of the whole of the east end of London. TfL estimates that this will cost £7m per annum.

While we recognise rezoning Bermondsey could give a positive boost to the regeneration of the area, it would similarly result in significant costs.