Confidential Incident Reporting & Analysis System


Mayor's Question Time


Wednesday, 17 September 2014


Question 2014/3151

Main question

Darren Johnson

Unlike Tube Drivers, the drivers of buses in London do not have access to a Confidential Incident Reporting & Analysis System (CIRAS), where employees can confidentially register individual concerns about work colleagues, working  practices, and other activity which presents a safety hazard, or fails to apply good systems of risk management with the assurance that these safety concerns will be investigated by an independent body.   Will you immediately order TfL to make subscription to CIRAS a condition of continuing to be an approved supplier for TfL London bus contracts and other related services?


The Mayor

There are already robust systems for reporting and investigating safety issues and incidents across the bus network. Assurance is provided by audits of operator reporting and investigating procedures, as well as regular reviews of reported data. All London bus operators have their own established procedures in place.

Two London bus companies are already signed up to CIRAS and TfL is reviewing with them what is best to do. TfL will consider mandating CIRAS when it has completed the review.