W3 bus


Mayor's Question Time


Wednesday, 20 January 2016


Question 2016/0253

Main question

Joanne McCartney

I have received complaints from residents along Ferme Park Road regarding the lack of capacity over the past three months on the W3 bus route to Finsbury Park station. The local residents report that typically between 07.15 and 08.30, it takes about 30-45 minutes to catch a bus due to full capacity. The situation has got so bad now that people are walking the base of Ferme Park Road to beat the queues which is only making the problem greater for those nearer Finsbury Park. This has happened steadily over the past three months and there is no notice as to why this is happening (i.e. road works, cuts in service/change in operator). Can you look into this issue and look at how this can be resolved, with a timeline please?


The Mayor

Route W3 runs between Northumberland Park and Finsbury Park via Wood Green up to every six minutes, with extra buses during the peak hour meaning 13  buses arrive at Finsbury Park in the hour from 8am.

Roadworks in Wood Green mean it has not run as reliably as it should.  TfL added more buses and drivers to allow more time for the buses to cope with this in August 2015.  Clearly more capacity is needed and a further new timetable was introduced on 30 January 2016.  This will increase the morning peak hour frequency to a bus every four minutes (15 buses per hour) towards Finsbury Park including along Ferme Park Road.

TfL will continue to monitor the capacity and reliability of the route.