MPS and DSEI arms fair


Mayor's Question Time


Wednesday, 14 September 2016


Question 2016/3092

Main question

Sian Berry

What was the cost of policing the 2015 DSEI arms fair? Can you break this down by:

a)    Police officer shifts

b)    Police staff shifts

c)     Opportunity costs

d)    Overtime costs

e)    Non-pay costs

f)      Amount of costs recovered from event organisers



The Mayor

The costs of policing the arms fair itself lies with the organiser. Due to demonstrations in previous years, it is reasonable for the MPS to anticipate similar protests at these types of events and it falls within core policing duties for the MPS to provide security for areas around the footprint of the fair. The aim of this is to ensure a safe and peaceful event can take place and to enable those not protesting to carry on as normal.

The costs of policing the DSEI arms fair are broken down as follows (separated as per the question):

a.     Police officer shifts total cost in plain time (assuming 8 hour tour): £1,033,423

  1. Police staff shifts total cost in plain time (assuming 8 hour tour): £3,104             
  2. There were no clear opportunity costs
  3. £72,757
  4. No costs incurred
  5. There were no charges to organiser as all policing took place outside of the event footprint. In addition, all duties performed by police fell within the definition of core police responsibilities.