Renewable Energy


Mayor's Question Time


Wednesday, 19 October 2016


Question 2016/3625

Main question

David Kurten

Are you concerned that the new deals on Hinckley Point and offshore windfarms in the North Sea will supply energy at vastly higher cost than conventional gas fired power stations, and that the increase in cost to electricity bills may hurt the poorest of Londoners the most?


The Mayor

Ensuring that energy is low carbon, affordable and secure is a constant challenge for energy policy at both national and city level. It is vital that we make the transition to a low carbon economy and this includes cost effectively moving away from fossil fuel-derived energy. 

Irrespective, I am also concerned about Hinkley Point C, as it represents a lock-in to dated technology and higher energy bills in the longer term.

I am committed to establishing Energy for Londoners in order to do this. It will provide fairer and more affordable tariffs for Londoners, especially those paying over the odds, and support the deployment of low carbon energy generation. This includes a £3.5 million Decentralised Energy Programme, which is increasing the amount of electricity and heat generated locally, as well as programmes that work with homes and building managers to reduce the demand for energy.  Both of these are working to reduce the need for investment in large generation projects.