Automatic facial recognition strategy


Mayor's Question Time


Thursday, 14 September 2017


Question 2017/3630

Main question

Sian Berry

The Home Office has not yet produced a biometrics strategy, which would include the use of automatic facial recognition. However, the Metropolitan Police Service is already using automatic facial recognition as a policing tactic. Is there any legal basis, strategy, policy or procedure that governs the way this capability is being used by the police in London?


The Mayor

The use of Automatic Facial Recognition technology was identified as an enabling technology to assist with the identification of suspects in the One Met Digital Policing Strategy (2017-2020). In the current trial, the MPS is testing this technology to understand how it can best integrate with operational policing. This means testing it in different environments to understand opportunities and resourcing requirements.

The outcome of the Automatic Facial Recognition trial will inform the subsequent strategy on its operational use and required procedures.