Running Tracks in London (1)


Mayor's Question Time


Wednesday, 23 July 2014


Question 2014/2899

Main question

Fiona Twycross

Do you acknowledge that there will be many new London schools that do not have running track facilities on-site, and that demand for the current sites in London, whether currently public or private, will inevitably grow? Do you have any projections for this increased demand?


The Mayor

The vast majority of permanent athletic tracks in London are not located at school sites, particularly those in the state sector.


UK Athletics (UKA) and England Athletics are due to publish a joint facilities strategy in the autumn. This will look at the provision of track and field facilities using catchment and optimisation mapping, taking into account the following:


•              current and future demand for the sport from both young people and adults, and

•              the proximity of existing facilities as well as age and quality of the facilities.


We will use the results of this to inform any future investment.