Proposed tax hike for businesses with solar panels


Mayor's Question Time


Wednesday, 19 October 2016


Question 2016/3673

Main question

Caroline Russell

The Valuation Office Agency's draft rateable values for 2017 for all properties that pay business rates are proposing a six- to eight-fold tax rise for businesses that own solar panels and use the power themselves. Given your decentralised energy targets and forthcoming solar strategy, will you make a representation to the relevant Government departments against these proposals which the Solar Trade Association believes will severely damage solar deployment and delay cost parity with fossil fuels?


The Mayor

Yes. I intend to write to Government following the GLA's wider Business Rates Consultation response. Their consultation is part of a wider re-evaluation of business rates that takes place every five to seven years, where the Valuation Office Agency looks at how assets are valued.

The current Government proposals will increase business rates for organisations that use power directly from solar rooftops that they own. Such increases are likely to have a significant detrimental impact upon the financial business case for installing solar PV.